Tuesday, February 12, 2013

roll ... sound...

i can hear his/er voice... i hear the heart beats every time i go for a check up.
i can feel him/her roll inside... rumbling and dancing around.
i can feel the presence more than ever before!
this is my 32nd week and i am having the best time as compared to all these previous weeks that passed by...
i now have 8 more weeks before the youngest of our tribe lands in my arms and a double duty begins.

wat i really want to write here about are the Braxton Hicks.
these are minute pain in the tummy or abdomen from the 7th months onwards... the mommy to be feels like her tummy has swollen and she can feel the tummy become hard (partially or full bump).
well, worry not... this is nothing but a phase which in lay man's words can be described as early signs of labor. your baby and you are getting signals of what it could be during real labor time. this doesn't last long but atleast you now have an idea what kind of a pain you may feel on the big day!

initially in my 7th month i felt BH (braxton hicks) only twice... in my 8th (current) month i have had it twice and i m still have some 18 days to go before i jump to the last month. i guess the frequency increases with time preparing me mentally and physically with what i am going to face in the labor stage.

if you are in your third trimester and observe such uneasiness for a day, worry not! its natural to feel that way, no one ever said giving birth to a baby was easy!

wat can you do to ease the pain??
try having a warm bath...
try indulging into your fav chocolate pastry or anything you love at this moment...
meditate and talk to your baby, tell you baby how wonderful you feel to have him/her inside you and that you love him/her a lot. ask your child to talk to calm down or talk to you...
try reading a book you always wanted to...
try breathing exercise... this is the best thing you will learn and bless...

need someone professional to talk about your pregnancy concerns...
ask my baby's godmother- Rita, she knows whats going on in my womb better than i do !

cheers to motherhood!


  1. the first little poem is very well written and cute (:


  2. Last year at this time of March i was 32 weeks along. So now almost 4 weeks to go for you... must be exciting n nervous all together.
    All the best, wishing you a nice n smooth delivery. And look fwd to read posts on your new mum life :)